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China Visa

The United States of America (U.S.A) consists of the district of Columbia,50 states, and numerous overseas territories, including Guam. The United States is an immigrant country and English is an official language. The United States is a highly developed capitalist country, leading the world in economy, culture, industry and other fields.


Advantages of registered American company 

1.Apply for a U.S.A federal number and a U.S.A bank account;
2.There is no need to hold annual general meeting of shareholders and the board of directors;
3.Obtain various business financing opportunities overseas and list in the
 United States capital market;

4.Immigrant entrepreneurs in the United States can obtain L1 visa;
5.No foreign exchange control, reasonable tax avoidance;
6.Confidentiality of materials, creating an international brand and facilitating international trade;


Documents Obtained after Registration

1.Incorporation registration certificate
2.Articles of association
.Minutes of the incorporation establishment meeting
4.One share account of the incorporation
5.One share of incorporation stock
6.Agency certificate letter
7.American incorporation legal secretary card
8.One steel seal and one strip-shaped seal
9.A list of Incorporation documents


Welcome to Realtz "Mandarin Show" — Chinese training institution, was established in 2006 in Beijing. Over 60,000 students from 100+ nationalities have chosen Mandarin Show, teaching approximately 6,000 students annually. Additionally, we also provide China Visa Services, internships and working opportunities in China. 


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