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Seychelles island is located in the Indian Ocean, consists of over one hundred islands. It covers land area of 455.39 square kilometers with a territorial sea of about 400,000 square kilometers with 85,000 Population. Seychelles International airport is the best airport in Indian Ocean region and its domestic and international telecommunications service industry is well-developed. Seychellesoffers a wide range of financial service, including offshore banking,investmentand insurance services.


The Conditions of Registering Seychelles Company

1.Shareholders and directors: at least one shareholder and director;
2.Registered capital: at least $50,000
3.Registered address: must be located in Seychelles
4.Company name: there are not too many restrictions, as long as the name

is different or not similar to the registered name.


Seychelles Tax System

International business company do not have to pay tax on their business activities or transactions outside the Republic of Seychelles. Offshore companies are exempt from taxes in the Seychelles, including all dividends, interest, rent, compensation, and income from other securities and claims. In addition, offshore company does not have inheritance or gift taxes. Meanwhile, offshore companies registered in Seychelles island are exempt from stamp-tax on all business.


The advantages of registered Seychelles company

1.Personal information of directors and shareholders cannot be disclosed, which is highly confidential;
2.Chinese company name can be used;
3.Unrestricted issuance of bearer shares;
4.Financial statement, annual statements and accounting are not required;
5.Registered Seychelles company can open bank account in Hong Kong.


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