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Cayman is the fourth offshore financial center, one of well-known registered

paces of offshore companies. Tens of thousands of companies set up in Cayman each year.


Advantages of Registered Cayman Company 

1.Tax haven of refuge;
2.Important springboard for overseas listing;
3.No foreign exchange control;
4.Facilitate transnational operation;
5.Cayman company does not need to declare or pay any tax except the annuallicense fee;
6.Registered overseas companies in Cayman Island enjoy a high degree of privacy, and personal information of shareholders is completely closed to the public.

Conditions for Registering Cayman Company

Registered Cayman Office

The registered office must be in the Cayman Islands.

At least one director is required. Directors can be legal or natural persons, without nationality restrictions.

Conditions for Directors of Cayman Company

Shareholder's Conditions for Registration of Cayman Company

At least one shareholder of a registered Cayman company may be a natural person or a legal person without nationality restrictions. Offshore companies in the Cayman Islands may choose to issue registered or unregistered shares.

The Cayman Islands Government has no restrictions on the registered capital of its offshore companies, but the general practice is to use US$50,000 as the minimum registered capital. Capital can be divided into 50,000 shares at $1.00 per share.

Capital Conditions of Registered Cayman Company

Name Conditions for Registration of Cayman Company

There is no special requirement for the name of a registered Cayman company. Unless licensed, the company name can not be expressed in BANK (bank), TRUST (trust), MUTUAL FUND (fund), INSURANCE (insurance), or REINSURANCE (reinsurance).


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