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The Republic of Panama 

Panama is the southernmost country in Central America. The city of Panama is the capital of Panama. Due to the important geographical location, Panama’s economy focuses on service industry, mainly finance, trade, and tourism. Panama

began to use US dollars as its currency from 1907 because the establishment of trade of Panama has important and close relationship with the United States. 


The Conditions of Registering Panama Company

1.Registered capital: The Panama government has no restriction on the

registered capital of offshore company, but normally $10000 is used as the minimum registered capital;

2.Registered address must be located in Panama;
3.Shareholders: at least two shareholders, and must be natural person, but no restriction on nationality;
4.Directors: at least three directors required. A director can be corporation or a natural person, no restriction on nationality. Board secretary is one person at least, no regional restrictions;
5.Managers: each company appoints one president, a treasurer, and a corporate secretary.


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